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Adding Students

Once you have completed your parent registration for one student, you will be able to easily add other students.

  • You can add all of your students from the same school to the same account and toggle back and forth between their information.
  • You do not need a separate parent account for each student, as long as all students are all enrolled in the same school.
  • If you have multiple students at multiple schools you will need separate accounts for each school.

Getting There

Click the Add Student button in the My Students box at the top right side of your Portal Page.



Adding Your Student

1. Type in the student’s ID number. 

2. Type the initial of the student’s first name, then type in the initial of the student’s last name.

Add Additional Student Form.jpg
3. Click the Register Now link.

Switching Between Students

SwitchStudents.pngThe new student will now appear in your list of My Students. To access either students’ account just click either name. When the student’s name is black you are viewing that student’s information. For example, Ima Student's information would now be showing on your homepage and the word "Displaying" is to the right of his name.

Depending on the school's policy, adding a second student may require that your account be re-approved to view grades.

Students at Different Schools

If your children attend different schools, you will have to register for an account at each school and there is no way to link the two accounts while using the full web version of School Loop. However, the School Loop mobile app allows you to combine accounts from different schools, so this solution is highly recommended.