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Challenges- Parent

Parents are notified of all persons who have requested access to their student’s account. Parents can challenge someone’s access by submitting a request to deny access. It is important to monitor this feature.

Challenge persons you do not know or you do not feel should have access to your student’s information. Be prepared to justify your challenges to your principal. Your principal has the final decision regarding who has access.


Monitoring Access to your Account

When someone new registers to have access to your student’s account, the "Member Approval Required" box appears in the upper right hand corner of your homepage.

You must click on either the Challenge or Approve. button. Once you’ve completed this action, the box disappears. It will only reappear if someone new registers to access your student’s account.


Challenging Access

1. Click on the Challenge button in the "Member Approval Required" box to challenge a member’s access to your student’s account.

2. Then fill out the “Why I am Challenging This Member” form and click on the Send link. A message will be sent to your principal to investigate further.

3. You and the challenged person may get an email from the principal requesting more information.  Your principal will determine if a member’s rights should be terminated.

Approving Access

Click on the Approve button in the New Parent Registration box to allow the member access to your student’s account.  You should only approve persons that you know and that should have access to your student’s account.  This is your private data and should be carefully guarded.