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School Loop is safe and secure.  All users must log in with their own login name and password to access School Loop. It is critical that login information remain confidential.

Forgot Your Password?


If you have a registered email address, you can go to the school’s login page and select “Forgot password?”.

Enter either the registered email address, login name, or student ID# (students only) in the Forgot Your Password form.






School Loop will automatically send a temporary password to the registered email address.  You will be prompted to change the temporary password after logging in.

Note: For schools that use Active Directory services, the Forgot Password feature will not work for resetting student passwords. Please contact a school administrator for assistance in resetting the password.

If you do not receive your new password, check your spam folder to make sure that the message wasn't trapped in a filter. You should also put the following addresses in your email service address book to ensure our messages are always delivered.

Note: If you have multiple accounts registered with the same email address DO NOT USE THE EMAIL ADDRESS to locate the account.  You must use the login name or auto login from the daily email in this instance.

Need Help Logging In?

If you do not have a registered email address, it will then be necessary to ask a school staff member for help.

You can ask any teacher to look up your Student Record, find your login name under Student Info and help you reset your own password using the Help Login link.

If  there is no login name displayed in the Student Record, it means you haven't registered. In this case you will need to register instead of using the Help Login link.