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Frequently Asked Questions
Login Help

To ensure student privacy, School Loop will never ask for your password (and you shouldn't offer it) and will not provide login information for any student or parent account. If you have forgotten your login name and/or password, follow the steps below.

Parents Using The Mobile App

Until your account has been approved by the school, you will not be able to login to the app. Please ignore the error message that your login is incorrect. We are working to provide an appropriate error message for parents whose accounts have not yet been approved.

Step 1: Request a Temporary Password


  • Go to the School Loop login form for your school
  • Click the Forgot password? link.

You may use your login name or email address to obtain a temporary password. For parents and students who share the same email address, using the login name will ensure the correct account is reset.  Students may also user their school ID.

A temporary password will be emailed to you.

Note: If your school provides students with a login name and password for School Loop, the Forgot Password feature will not work. Please use the password recovery process outlined by your school.

Step 2: Seek Help from Your School

If Step 1 above does not work for whatever reason, you will need to seek help from your school.


Any teacher at your school can help you to login by looking up your Student Record page in School Loop. In the "Student Info" section, teachers will find your login name and a Help Login button that will allow the teacher or you to create a new password.


You must contact the school directly for support. Please do not register for a new account. In the long run this will cause more headaches for you.