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Year-to-Year Archiving

Every year, when the school year ends and summer rolls around, there are questions about what content in the School Loop system carries over into the next year -- what is archived, what is perpetual, and what is deleted? "Archived" means the records will be placed in a specific location for later access. "Perpetual" means that the the records will simply continue to exist on an ongoing basis, and nothing will be deleted. "Deleted," as you might expect, means they are removed from the system. Below is a master list of how different types of content within the School Loop system are treated.

Archived Content

Shortly before the start of a school year, School Loop prepares sites for the new year by archiving certain types of content. This process occurs approximately 10 days before the first day of the school year. The exact date is at the school's discretion.

LoopMail.  LoopMail messages for the three previous school years are available through the Historical Archive link on the left side of your LoopMail inbox.  Archived messages are sorted by school year and you will have access to both your sent and received LoopMail messages. 

Note: Messages that you have placed in custom folders will not be automatically archived and will remain in their folders.

Perpetual Content

Website content. Content posted to the school website will not be altered from one year to the next. Changes can be made to the website at any time by users with Webmaster rights, and the system will never delete anything with the exception of Website notes which are cleared just before the beginning of the new school year.

Events. The last 12 months of events, at all levels (district, school, groups, personal, and website events), are saved.

News. Similar to events, all news is maintained for 12 months. By clicking the View All News button wherever news is displayed in the system, you will be able to look at posted news for that date range.

Lockers. No locker content is altered when the site is rolled into the new year. This includes personal lockers, group lockers, and website lockers. In the case of personal lockers, any saved file will continue to be available into the next year, provided that user returns to the school.

Discussion threads for groups, news items, and events. All discussion in these areas will continue to display on an ongoing basis. Users can continue discussion over the summer and into the new year.

Deleted Content

School Loop doesn't delete much from year to year, but when we do, it happens at the same time other content is archived -- approximately 10 days before the start of the new school year.

Website notes. Notes posted on webpages other than teacher course sites are purged at the beginning of the school year.

Course website News. Course website news is purged at the beginning of the school year.

Student schedules from previous school years. School Loop does not retain information on a student's schedule from the previous school year.

Student Dropbox and Turned In Work. Student work from the previous year is not retained. Students can use their personal lockers to save work from year to year.

Assignment discussions. All assignment discussions are purged. When a teacher republishes an assignment, no discussion is attached.

Attendance data. No attendance data from previous years is retained in School Loop.

Progress reports. Progress reports from the past year are not available to students or parents. Published progress reports from previous years are available to teachers through the teacher's Course Archives link. Please note that we do not house report card grades. Contact the school directly if you need information on report card grades.